Advertlets another alternative of online money making

I have put Advertlets code on the sidebar about 2 weeks ago. But till now there is no ads serve by Adverlets. Ho3. Only the site poll is use to get my site statistics as I don’t have any advertisers yet. Currently 77 peoples had answered the poll. I must say thank you to them. :d


But my other friends who are also bloggers had earn some money from Advertlets. Some of them had earn RM180 which I think it is much enough to cover their hosting and domain cost.

Advertlets is another Malaysian company and was developed by Josh Lim & Associates. Josh Lim & Associates have work for 30 days in digital marketing and give most relavent ads for Malaysian bloggers.

You can register yourself at Advertlets register page. After register, put the code in your website and wait to get your money. ;))

Ah…if you want to earn RM50, you can write a review about Advertlets. 😉 After you write the review, email them and they will cash you with RM50 into your account. But remember, the minimum to cashout is RM100. So, good luck! 🙂 [tags]advertlets, online money making[/tags]

Edit: I just earned RM50 for this review. If you want to earn this free RM50, write a review about Advertlets now.



  1. tengok kepada statistik ko.. ko boleh dapat area RM300 sebulan.. believe me..

    Advertlets rocks!

  2. erks! advertlets depend on ape?

  3. aku pun tak tau die depends on what… 😕

  4. Dominic says:

    Congratulations dude, you are the second person after i’ve seen getting from Advertlets.

  5. Nice post youve got here! I just have to correct one small thing, our minimum payout is RM100!

    Hope to see you cashing-out really soon!

  6. [Comment ID #46338 Will Be Quoted Here]

    but i still not get any ads from advertlets dude. :p

    [Comment ID #46358 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ouch! ok. i have edited the post.

  7. page impression 🙂
    advertlets setakat ni menurut apa yang aku dapat, setiap page aku load, dia akan credit beberapa sen dalam akaun aku.. kau bilang sendiri dengan trafik yang kau ada 🙂

  8. owh…kire sama macam nuffnang la. tapi nuffnang ikur band tak silap aku. kalau page impression kau tinggi, kau akan dikategorikan dalam band ini. dan duit kau akan dapat base pada band and mungkin dari faktor2 yang lain jugak.

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