No more previews in Firefox

Do you use Snap previews on your website? I hope you remove it because it is irritating me and maybe for some other peoples too. Lol…

But thanks to AdBlock Plus because of it, you no need to remove your Snap from your website just because I ask you to do so (Eh?). This Firefox extension will blocks all Snap previews from being pop up when visitors mouse over on the links.


  1. Download AdBlock Plus and install it.
  2. Next, restart your Firefox and then click Tools > AdBlock Plus.
  3. Add* to set new rule in AdBlock Plus.
  4. Restart Firefox and no more previews when you browsing websites.

Disable Previews Permanently [via Of Zen and Computing][tags]snap, tips, tricks, firefox[/tags]


  1. i use this to block all ads!!… i mean ALL ads.. huahuehuaa:d

  2. aku pun kengkadang benci gak menda snap nie.. 🙁

  3. haah la.. kekadang tu mcm menyampah la gak kan.. cuma maybe mcm rasa kalau ade snappers tu manalah tau kot2 ada org yg nk sneak preview ke camne wsitenye etc.. tapi sbb popup die besor sgt tu yg huduh tu.. kalau la kecik sikit pun maybe dah okey sikit.. lagipun ade optional untuk disable die.. so tepuk dada la kot 🙂

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    even adsense?

    [Comment ID #45463 Will Be Quoted Here]

    aku pun… he3.

    [Comment ID #45468 Will Be Quoted Here]

    aku dulu suke la menatang nih. tapi skang dah tak lagi.