Got the connection but…

Just a short post to say I’m sorry for no updates more than a week. It was all because of the internet access.

But right now, I have got the access but the connection is damn slow. I mean damn slow is toooooo slow. When I want to open a website, it took about 3 minutes and even more to finish render the page. And sometimes it hang up while loading. The connection that I got is differ from the previous semester. The previous network is much much more faster than this and it does not requires proxy to connect.

And I’m also sorry if I can’t reply your emails or comments. The unstable connection sometimes make me mad. But there is nothing that I can do. I hope my internet provider will improve the connection as soon as possible. Maybe I will have a slow talk with him and ask him to open back the previous network for us.

Btw, does anyone know how to bypass proxy so I can use my voice chat ym? He3. :d

PS: I hope this post published succesfully…


  1. same la ngan aku..damn! seminggu aku aku tak dpt online..bengang giler..

  2. hu3. kau belaja lagi ke? belaja kat mana?

  3. yup..kat shah alam..

  4. owh… langsung takleh eh?

  5. yup..siot tull..kalau boleh kejap jerk..buke 2-3 tab dah down..haraammm…

  6. cyber6 pun pakai proxy cam raob ke? argh wtf!
    slow la sbb diorang limitkan bandwidth
    ym mmg takleh guna voice kalo dah proxy…
    mmg takde keseronokkan la tenet macam ni…hampes!!

  7. btw kp dapat internet dari cict. free pulak tu. laju lagik. panas je aku… [-(

  8. wcckp?
    bilik aku sampai signal..cuma nak connect x lepas.. LOW sangat :”>

  9. wcckp?
    bilik aku sampai signal..cuma nak connect x lepas.. LOW sangat 8-|

  10. nova, just nak bagitahu. aku dah dapat balik dah line wccktc. hu3. laju beb…

  11. kat opis saya ym kena block…pastu i guna la freegate..but then new year freegate kena register, so takleh nak guna ym..any solution?

  12. atomic98 says:

    meebo ja la, mana nak dapat proxy?