4 Tricks to Shut Down your Windows

There are many methods that you can use to shut down your computer. The normal way is click on Start > Turn Off Computer > Turn Off. But here I will share with you how you can shut down your computer in different ways. 🙂

1. The fastest way

I always do this when I want to shutdown my computer. Just press the Windows key (on the keyboard) and press U key two times.

2. Shutdown from desktop [via Carol]

Create a shortcut on your desktop. Right click > New > Shortcut. In the box, enter this: SHUTDOWN -s -t 01 and click Next. In the next prompt, enter the name for the new shorcut (eg: Shutdown PC).

sd shortcut

Optional #1: Right click on the shortcut and choose icon for it.

Optional #2: Drag the shorcut to your Quick Launch for faster approch.

3. From Task Manager

Hold Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager. In Shut Down tab, choose Turn Off.

4. Super duper the fastest way :d

You only can use this if your keyboard equip with the Power button. Just press the button and leave your PC to shut down. :p

More tips and tricks can be found here: CypherHackz’s Tips & Tricks Collection. [tags]tips, tricks, windows, shut down, how to[/tags]


  1. Ajay from http://ajaydsouza.com/ wrote some extra about the timer on -t 01.
    If set like this, the pc will shut down right away.

    Thanks for posting it up here.

  2. no problem. thanks for the tips though. 🙂

  3. For laptop users, they can configure their power button, whether to shutdown, restart, hibernate or standby. I prefer to hibernate my laptop than shut it down because when I switch it on, I will open the same applications. 😡

  4. yeah, this 1 is ok, but there is a way 2 do it so that it comes up with a dialog box instead of just shutting down instantly, but i dont know how 2 do it, ill try and find out, then post bak!

  5. ctrl+f4 is also veeerryyyy..shortest path for shutdown pc….

  6. One more option bro. press “power on/off” button on cpu box or press and hold “power on/off” button for fast shutdown the pc