Wanted! Best Disk Defragmenter

harddiskI’m looking for disk defragmenter (other than Windows built-in) that gives good optimization and works without produce any problems to my PC. Does anyone know any best disk defragmenter software? I know there are plenty defrag tools out there but I want to hear from you guys, based on your experiences.

I tried PerfectDisk and it gave me death blue screen after it finished analyze my hard disk. Duh… So I uninstalled it. UltimateDefrag also not so good because my comp got some errors after it finished defrag my hard disk. Maybe there is something missing while the defrag process. 🙁

So guys, what disk defragmenter you are using? Mind to share with me?[tags]defragmenter, defrag, tools, windows[/tags]


  1. been using JKDefrag, GNU and Open source..
    runs off the Windows Defrag API, but faster and better optimization, supposedly..

    best thing is it can be used as a screensaver, so it defrags everytime u r afk =)

  2. Try Disk Keeper. Until now, haven’t tried a better software than this one.

  3. Perhaps the problem is your hard disk.
    Perfect disk is exellent, I use it, but is no-free.
    JkDefrag is free, use it. \:d/

  4. i’m using diskeeper… so far so good… no need to worry about fragmentation because it does it for you automatically

  5. PerfectDisk is great, and it’s certified by Microsoft. You can get it for about 20 bucks with coupon code THANKYOU through the end of the year — http://www.raxco.com.

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    i guess because there is not enough space for pd to defrag my hd. duh…

  7. That’s my area so i recommend you Iobit Smart Defrag from Iobit.com.
    I can’t begin to tell you how good it is and above that it’s a freeware; a freeware as good as Diskeeper pro.

    Set it to defragment twice a week. It has a build in “set it and forget it”.
    Try it and then get back to me.

  8. currently i’m using diskeeper. know what? it is still not finish defrag my C:. it has been run from yesterday. #-o

    anyway, thanks for the suggestion. i’m downloading it right now.

  9. Lmao! How big is that hard drive you’re defragmenting?

    Anyways, i have as well DK pro but i still favor SmartDefrag because it does the same job.

    Now, if you want to put together the boot files for a ultrafast booting, i suggest you run TuneXp as well….about once a week or once in 2 weeks.

  10. Thanks Jon for the 50% THANKYOU coupon code for PerfectDisk 8. Picked it up for $20 and it smokes all the other defraggers……

    Carol :((

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    it only 20Gb in size. dunno why it takes so long to defrag. currently it is 70% finished. duh….

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    hey! how many carol’s here. he3.

  12. banyak ble pakai….o&o defrag pun ok gak…

  13. :d Confused?
    2 Carols apparently.

    Is it done now?The defrag. i mean…

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    not yet. it is almost two days now but it only 81% finished. dunno why it takes so long to defrag. hurm… 🙁

  15. Are you serious???

    That’s because you’re using the wrong one or because you’ve never defragmented…or it is a joke.8-|

  16. before this, there is no problem when i want to defrag my C. but when i defrag with diskeeper, the problem occurs. right now i’m downloading o&o defragmenter. will try it once i finished download it.

  17. Cypher, why don’t you try Iobit? I promise you it’ll do a great job.
    Just give it a try.

  18. i have downloaded iobit. btw between o&o and iobit, which one is better?

  19. To be honest, i haven’t used O&O, so i don’t know how it works. Try them both and see whose performance you like more.

    The Iobit..i can vouch for it that is good, because i use it on one of my computers and one laptop.

    The internal defragmenter (the Windows one) is good though because it really defragments every files that is suppose to be defragmented.

    You can set it in the Tasks to do the job once a week let’s say.

  20. ok thanks for the suggestions. i will test iobit after this. :)>-

  21. I had the search earlier. You can check the comments there.

  22. I prefer Perfect Disk most of the times.
    Recently I heard from few forum that O&O Defrag V8.5 Professional do better jobs.
    You can get it from our local torrent here

  23. unfortunately, my server block torrent port. btw i’m trying ultimate defrag now. mabe you want to try it too.

  24. Got direct link?

  25. here is the website: http://www.disktrix.com :d

  26. I use O&O Defrag. They’ve got professional defrag software, but I managed to get a working keygen. When zipped the file is 7.26MB. You have my e-mail so contact me if you’re still interested.

  27. tunisian says:

    Diskeeper Pro 2007 unbeatable real time defrag.

  28. try changing your filing system to NTFS it sounds like you have FAT32 and that takes at least a day to defrag if it is in good condition (for a 20gb harddrive) I found that when I changed my filing system it took an hour instead of two days lol quite a difference

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    i stick to ultimatedefrag. have you tried it yet?

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    i did that but it still happen to me. but no more worry, i’m using ultimate degfrag for now. thanks for the suggestion buddy. 🙂

  30. Diskeeper is a Scientology Thingy, in case you did not know. Even if Executive Software which makes Diskeeper performs miracles on your hard drive, I would suggest you dump them.

    How so I start my own discussion thread here?

  31. maybe you can explain more details why we should not use diskeeper. im also like to know more about it.

  32. Johnny B. Goode says:

    PerfectDisk is my number 1 choice.
    It’s trusted and best.:d

  33. Dah cuba yg kat iobit.com?

  34. Dah. Dan tak best. Macam biasa je. He3. 😀 nape?

  35. michaelb123 says:

    OK. the best i found was SYMANTEC/NORTON. also it places files in such manner to speed up and keeps the swap at the other end. also boot files at beginning. very worth it. but it does sound like you have some hardware issue. before you defrag, you must scan and mark off bad sectors.