Earthquake in Taiwan Distrupted Entire Asia Network

This morning, I got an email from my hosting provider. In the email, they said that the earthquake in Taiwan has distrupted entire Asia network when two undersea cables (SeaMeWe 3 and APCN2) are damaged.

That’s why the internet connection is so slow right now. I even can’t get access to some websites because of this problem. I’m sure entire Malaysia and Asia face the same problem. And here is the news from Rediff, Earthquake off Taiwan hits cables, BPOs unhurt.

An earthquake off Taiwan on Tuesday night, measuring 6.7-7.1 on the Richter scale, knocked out Internet links to India for 20-25 minutes and affected Reliance Communications’ FLAG and VSNL’s SEA-ME-WE-3 under-sea cable systems, even as telecommunications around Asia was severely disrupted, with Internet services slowing and financial transactions being hindered, particularly in the currency market.

Other related news:

Cypher: Because of this problem, I can’t update my site as usual. It takes so long to open my website and some other sites from here. When the connection back to normal, I will post back with the updates. [tags]earthquake, internet, connection, taiwan, news[/tags]


  1. Dude, use proxy from Australia lah, your connection will be smooth like mine.

    – MENJ

  2. :(:(( really sad and feel lifeless without internet connection or very slow connection.

  3. o, ya. menj is rite, i have recommended by my friend to use australia proxy, really can blogging and access to internet.

  4. menj, to open the proxy list website also takes so long to load up. hurm…how about if you send to me the proxy that you currently use. :p