Tag: Five Things About this Not Known Blogger

I have been tagged by Ashish Mohta. Here are the five things that you did not know about me.

  1. Eat a lot – Yea. I eat a lot but my body still maintain. Ho3. Not big, not small. :p
  2. Love old songs – I love to listen to old school Malay rock songs like Qiara – Hanya Padamu, Terrarosa – Bunga Angkasa.
  3. Don’t like games – Although I install many pc games, but I rarely play them.
  4. Study when I have mood – I will not study if I don’t have the mood to do so. So, the best way to fill the free time, I surf the Net. :d
  5. Keeping secrets – I am good in keeping secrets. Lol… :d I have many friends that who got problems or anything that they want to share, they will talk to me and ask me to keep what they said. Till now, I still keep their secrets and never told to anyone. 🙂

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  1. Didnt knew you had love towards old songs.Cool stuff.This tag business is I like lol.

    Thx for partcipating

  2. nanti haku jawab.. :p

  3. aiyak…tak suka main game ka…. 😕

  4. testing-testing…1 2 3
    oh i’m connected

    ape daa..men tag tag plak, erm lagu lama? aku ske arrow – tak marah

  5. modal entry baru..hehe..nnt aku jawab:d

  6. [Comment ID #15964 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no problem at all. he3.

    [Comment ID #15979 Will Be Quoted Here]

    aah. he3. jangan tak caye.

  7. aku pon suke makan
    tp xleh membeso :d

  8. best aa game ni…

  9. [Comment ID #16008 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he3. nape tak leh membesar pulak ye? :p

    [Comment ID #16016 Will Be Quoted Here]

    aku suke main game kekadang jek. hu3.

  10. Taken the fact that you keep all secrets and people are putting their soul on your table, then i would say you’re a Sagittarius.

    Am i wrong?

  11. nope. i am pisces. :p

  12. :-w How can that be?????

    I was so sure about it.

    Pisces are good secrets keepers as well.

  13. hu3. i dunno. need some more pratice maybe. :p

  14. best2.. :d/