I won Premium Link Prize

I joined Ashok personal contest about the Technorati Favorite. Anyone who add him to their favorite list, they will get chance to get the Rs500. And the winner for the contest is Sunny Cool. He3. It is not me. Lol…

I only won the consolation prize which is my site link is been put on Ashok’s site header for a month. Well…at least I won something right? :d Thanks to Ashok.

Btw does anyone interested to add me in your Technorati Favorite? Just add me in your list and leave a comment here. I will add you once I make sure you had done so.

Here is the link to favorite me: Add this blog to my Technorati Favorites! [tags]technorati, prize, win[/tags]


  1. Hello cypherhackz,

    I’ve added yours into my favourite, I hope you can put my blog into your favourite.thanks in advance

  2. Added you mate…

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    added… :d

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    added too… :d

  4. Hi,

    Did you participated in problogger’s competition?


    I have already made mine


    hey add me to your favourite too lol

  5. Hi Cypher !

    My first comment (plenty more where this comes from) here, and hey, thanks for pointing me out as the winner 🙂

    Congratulations to you too for winning a Premium Link on Ashok’s blog !

    Btw, have added you to my Technorati Faves, would appreciate the favour if you added TechnoBeta too. ( http://technorati.com/faves?ad.....nobeta.com )

  6. Added

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    i have added you mate. 🙂

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    added you too. :d

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    added too. :)>-

  8. Hi Cypher, I like your site. Lots of info and I’ve added your site in my Technorati favs. =)

  9. added to technorati. 🙂