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I am not good in English 🙁 and because of that, I am still learning to improve it. Lol… Shame on me. :p I admit that I start learn English when I was at 4 years old but till now I still not good in this international language. Right now, blogging is the platform that I use to to improve my English. Maybe you all had noticed that my entries got so many grammar mistakes and I am sure that there are some errors in this entry. And recently I visited my friends’ sites and I stop by to a post about he want to improve his English. Thanks to arajae because he put a link to a website that I think it is worth to share here.


Thinkglish, which currently is in Beta is a website that you (I guess I should use we here) we can register and learn on how to improve our English. This prThere are four steps to follow and only takes a few minutes per day. This free programe includes with English Podcasts and Vodpodcasts. So I think it is worth for trying if we really want to.

Cypher: Sorry for all grammar mistakes that you found in my entries.


  1. Your english is pretty good, I mean as long as people are understanding what you say you should be fine, and blogging is a great way to improve your writing skills over the time

  2. thanks man… really appreciate it. :d

  3. cypher, your english is better than me. 🙂
    i really hope blogging can help me to improve my english too.

  4. let start improve our english together bro. good luck to you. 🙂

  5. thanks for sharing the link 😉 I also has some links that may help.

  6. thanks a lot. i have problem in english too, especially when trying to speak about other topics than tech and football with my friends. as we all know, practise makes perfect. just keep trying and we’ll master the language someday. 😉

  7. 🙂 check out my book at:
    just a single page

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    hey! thanks for the link. really useful though. 🙂

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    yea lol. thats why i’m trying to master the language. hu3. :d

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    tthanks man… :)>-

  9. Hi,
    I just wanted to let you guys know that has changed to

  10. i will publish new post for the new domain. 🙂

  11. learning english is quite easy, there arem any tutorials on the internet and some audiobooks too ”;

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