Delete Individual Links in Firefox & IE

Every links that you have typed in the address bar will be stored in History. And you can clear all those links at once by clearing the History. But how you can delete individual links from the address bar?

Mozilla Firefox
To delete spesific url from Firefox address bar is really easy. You just need to SHIFT-DELETE the url and it will be gone.

Internet Explorer
To do this in IE is a little bit complex. Because you will play with the registry. So backup your registry before you proceed.

  1. Close your IE.
  2. Run regedit.exe from Start > Run.
  3. Go to this tree: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs
  4. Delete all numbered urls that you don’t wish to visiable in IE address bar. But make sure you renamed the urls in sequential order start from url1, if you delete only certain keys.
  5. Close regedit.exe

Firefox | IE [via Raymond.CC Blog] [tags]internet explorer, firefox, address bar, url[/tags]


  1. This is a useful tip, but when you delete address bar history from registry Internet Explorer address bar still contains history links from visited resurces. I found another simplest solution IEhistoryX. You can get it from here: This tool allows you selectively delete individual history links, cookies, temporary internet files, address bar history and autocompletion information. I think this is a more safe way.

  2. this doesn’t work. i right shift/delete a url from my type in bar and it deletes but then when i try typing it again, it auto completes