No Internet Connection. No Updates. Final Exam.

I just get back my wireless connection today. And because of the termination of the wireless connection in my college, so I couldn’t get online and update my sites for about a week.

Actually they should not terminate our wireless account because the semester is not over yet. But seems they have activate back the server, so I can back online. I hope they will open up the server till the end of this semester.

And just want to let you know that currently I’m sitting for final exam. Done one paper and 4 more papers to go. Wish me luck! Thank you! :d [tags]internet, updates, exam[/tags]


  1. Good Luck Dude i was looking around for you until i found what were you up to.Come back soon

  2. i know about UTM will deploy or already deploy their wireless connection. And, do you know which ISP company dealing with UTM for your wireless?

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    thanks bro. nice to see you too. 🙂

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    i’m not sure about that. but what i know is i use the server from WCC (Wireless Communication Centre).