WordPress 2.0.5 released

Have you upgrade your WordPress to version 2.0.5 yet? Get the latest stable WordPress version 2.0.5 now at WordPress download page. There are about 50 bug fixes which you can check at dev tracker and thanks to Mark for this latest WordPress version.

If you want to upgrade from version WordPress 2.0.4, you don’t need to upload all the files included in the .zip file. You just need to download this Changed Files Zip (from WordPress 2.0.5 Upgrade: changed files ZIP, changes diff, changed files list ) and upload it to your WordPress installation folder.

Be warned! Always make a backup of your database(s) before you proceed to upgrade to the latest version.

Cypher: Ehem…they are working on WordPress 2.1. I can’t wait for the next release. He3. [tags]wordpress, wordpress 2.0.5, wordpress upgrade[/tags]


  1. damn i was half asleep when i install this tat day… and del the wp-config file.. lucky for backup… phew

  2. lol… but deleting wp-config doesn’t cause any serious problems. just upload it back and your wordpress will up and running as usual. :d