UTM server block FeedBurner access

Duh… Check out this screenshot below. My university, UTM has block access to FeedBurner. But it doesn’t block the whole domain, it only block access to feed reader counter only.


The script that blocking the page is WebMarshall. I think this is a new security script that UTM impliment to protect the network from malicious attacks. And I also noticed that they had tighten the security level on their server because last night I can’t access some of websites that I usually visits.

By the way, I must say that this is a good action taken by UTM. Because if they don’t install these security scripts, students computers will be in more vulnerable and danger. Before this, many computers in UTM got attacked by Brontok virus. And recently, virus Ravmon attacks are on the rise. By implimenting this security protection, atleast it can reduce the risk to get infect.

But anyway, please don’t block websites that are not harmful… Duh… 🙁 [tags]utm, webmarshall, brontok, ravmon, malaysia[/tags]

Edit: Here is another screenshot from WebMarshall script.



  1. Sometime blocking site was not define by admin and it’s common that that security script get confius 🙂 so what you can do is try to email security admin to ask about it 😀 just my to cents

  2. i think it was in august, when my site was been blocked by utm server. maybe because of the word hack in my domain. after i email to the admin, i can access to my site till now. 😉

  3. my coll uses webmarshall too, its practically a “everything-blocker” …

    websites, msn, icq, yahoo … every shit youocan imagine .. it can block …

  4. yea… 🙁 btw i have email the admin. hopefully he will lower down the security level.

  5. so sad 🙁

  6. yea. it also block friendster. when you open up friendster, it will redirect you to utm homepage. 🙁