AdSense Buddy for Google AdSense Publishers


Joel Comm from AdSense Secrets emailed me saying that he had developed new software called AdSense Buddy. AdSense Buddy is a Google AdSense statistics package designed to help Google AdSense publishers to make better sense of AdSense results.

This software is designed to run on Windows-based computers and it is currently available to download. And the most important is, it is free.

Direct Download

Cypher: Currently downloading the software. Will install it when the download is finished. 😉 [tags]adsense, google adsense, adsense buddy, joel comm[/tags]


  1. Thanks Mate.

  2. no problem and thanks for your visit. :d

  3. ya nice one.. will download once my quota gets restored

  4. downloaded..thanx for sharing with us.. :d

  5. Is it free ?

  6. it is free to download. 🙂

  7. Thanks 😉

  8. you’re welcome… 🙂

  9. Terrific Adsense helper. Took 30 seconds to install on my health related blog. :d/