URL.Com – A Searching Community

url logoURL.Com is a searching community website. Three top search engines are combine in one search which mean you will get the best results from these three giant engines.

We use a “bionic search engine” that lets us collaborate and to improve upon a foundation of search results gathered from the best web search engines, including Yahoo!, MSN, and Google.

This is how it works.

You search. You vote. Better results.

When you search, URL.Com search engine will search your keyword phrases at once across MSN, Yahoo and Google and display top 10 results from these three search engine. If you found out that the result is good, you can vote it. So next time when somebody search the same keywords, they will get the best voted results. Besides it saving our time, it also give accurate results.

More Info: http://www.url.com/message/learn_more [tags]search engine, url, msn, yahoo, google[/tags]

Cypher: I like its domain name, URL.Com 😉


  1. Erm..if that so..the website were ranked by the vote?

  2. yup. more votes will increase the results rank.