ImageFly – Host images and earn money


This is another way to earn money online. All you have to do is just host image to ImageFly and you will get money. It is simple and easy!

ImageFly is a website which give free image hosting. Not just that, you also can earn money when you hosted images on their server. But how?

Here is the formula:[tags]imagefly, image, hosting, image hosting[/tags]

Unique Page Views* = Points = Money

To earn money from ImageFly, it is depends on how many unique page views recieved. More page views, more points. More points, more money. For 4,500 unique page views, you will get 1USD.


  • Upload Files Simultaneously
    You may upload multiple files simultaneously.
  • File Description
    Attach a meaningful description to your file in any language.
  • Image Resize On-the-fly
    Resize your image to any predefined size while it is being uploaded. (for JPEG and PNG files only)
  • Image Compression
    Compress images larger than 512KB on-the-fly. (for JPEG and PNG files only)
  • Private File
    Set your file to private and no one will be able to see it unless they are given the links.
  • Display Language
    Imagefly speaks your language! You may change Imagefly’s interface to a more suitable language. More languages are coming.

Want to join? Just click this LINK and follow the instructions. It is simple and it is FREE!!!

*Unique Page Views only counts when someone view the image on ImageFly server. Hotlinked and thumbnail images are not count.


  1. I also use from time to time..
    So far not depending seriously to make money from it.. just letting it grow by itself slowly..

  2. i know that we can’t earn much from it but atleast we get some profits from it.

  3. Hi, thanks for the info, oledi signup and testing on it. you’ve got a Downline… hehe.

  4. he3. i don’t know what i will get when i have downline. hope will get something interesting. btw thanks! 🙂

  5. hehehe..nice username u have, “register” :d

  6. he3. yea lol… :d

  7. Sounds good. but need 4,500 unique page views to get 1USD…. that’s a little difficult 😉

  8. yea. that makes it little harder to get 1USD.

  9. After 10days of using, I hit 5047 Page view this morning. Hey I’ve Earned USD 1!!!!!!!! :d

    hmm… how long do i still need to wait to get the $30??? :-w

  10. duh… only get 70 views only. wonder when i will reach to 5000. hmm…

  11. I like the angle on the get’n paid for photo being ads or getting the mass clickers to even show p to your site for the clicks too, seems heckick and wasteful in time and energy. Other stock photo purchasers seemed to have the straight pay for photos but time and the large cache of photos wins $$ there, and you have to build your stock photos selection. Get paid for the time you put ion to the taking of these pics through special lic. and double your take in.
    Register with companies that pay you for the pic, not points to convert into clicks then cash. Come on man you might as well take a loan out you can’t pay back! Wasted time and effort for those who participate in these types of sites, and shame on the people who own them as though your really paying me anything but a twelve pack a month?If that,Peace out.
    You want money, earn it! Get busy, sell yourself, and what you believe is good art!