Land Walker, “Gundam Mech” in the real world

landwalkermechTechnology in Japan has taken step more further. This “Gundam” robot is a person-carying robot vehicle with 3.4 metres high and 1000 kg weight and is the first mechanatron ever built by human being.

The manufacturer, Sakakibara-Kikai released this mech to attract attention for the company. This heavy duty mech not only can walk but it also can shoot. Yea, shooting and fighting with mech is the best part in Gundam series. 🙂

Anyway, the bullets used by this mech are not the real one. It just shoot with rubber balls. But wonder what will happen if Land Walker equiped with real bullets? 😕

Take a look at this robot in actions:

More videos:

So, for Gundam fans out there, do you interested to have this “toy” in your collections? Prepare US$345,000 first and you can drive this machine at your nearest playground. :p

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  1. Dont forget Transformer Bro. :d:d:d

  2. when i was young, i love to watch transformers. they are really cool.

  3. ric hunter says:

    :d/ try to change you servo i have better one here