Get RM100 by joining pertandingan seomyorionet

Good news for those who have good knowledge about SEO. Myorionet launch a competition called “pertandingan seomyorionet“. This competition is based on how well your site ranked in Google when people looking for “pertandingan seomyorionet“.

What is pertandingan seomyorionet?
pertandingan seomyorionet is a competition where you must get atleast rank three in Google search engine when people searching for pertandingan seomyorionet (small letters only). The competition is held for two months start from 4th September till 4th November 2006.

What are the prizes?
The prizes for pertandingan seomyorionet are:

  1. First place – RM100
  2. Second place – RM50
  3. Third place – RM30

Although it is not too much but atleast you will get some money when you win the competition. 😉

For more infomation you can check at their website. 🙂


  1. RM180 to lure all the backlinks, the website is the biggest winner in the end.

  2. i thought the same thing before. well i join it for fun actually. 🙂

  3. I think that we should check the page rank of the site after the competition has finished to know “how succesful the stratergy is”. It’s a hype and just like Cypherhacks said, getting free cash from them is not wrong. If you’re site is the winner, they will put your link in their site. So, it’s a kind of promoting tool to attract Malaysian surfers if we are lucky to be the winner.

    If you want to attract visitors from other country then submitting article to free article directory like e-zine is good enough already to get good PR. No need to enter a competition like this.

  4. [quote comment=”14374″]RM180 to lure all the backlinks, the website is the biggest winner in the end.[/quote]

    i have asked the orgenizer. he said that his website will not be counted if the site ranked in top 3 in google seach. 😉

  5. I think a similar contest was done for the keywords “v7ndotcom”..and now there’s also a contest for the words “ambatchdotcom”

  6. Tq to participate the competation.

    it’s truth when any site link to my site, i will get backlink. But if i get backlink from any site which is have PR 0 or below than 3, it’s worth for my site? it’s will not effect to much or maybe will not effect anything. Backlink in SEO not only backlink. It’s must have some creteria in backlink strategy.

    You can write program same what i have done for calculate PR according to it’s formula given by google. Then you can see it whether it will increase your PR or not if you get backlink from site which is PR below than 4.

    Come on guy. It’s for fun. enjoy!!

  7. i think they really nak tekan kan tentang SEO… well… since its my area, why not join.. its not like i’m gonna lose anything..

  8. good luck for those who participate in this competition :d

  9. lol… the site was hacked

  10. Thanks for the info. 🙂