My personal blog project

I have started this project (not really a project :p ) 2 days ago. And currently it is still under development. There are many things that I need to do. So I will not announce it before everything are finish.

The project is conduct in Malay because I want to focus to Malaysian visitors only. But for those who know Malay, you can also participate in. I’m not sure when I can finish setup all of this things. I hope it can done as soon as possible. 🙂

Lastly, I hope this project will get good response from the visitors. 😉 [tags]project, malaysia[/tags]


  1. project? is it a personal blog project? Isn’t this your personal blog? so, you’r working on you new personal blog? or, some client’s? anyway, I just wanna tell you that I’m going to add your link back.

  2. huhuh..ermm..kind of public usage..or what..?? gogogo… hope we can enjoyed after you finish it

  3. teruskan usaha. malysia boleh! \:d/

  4. aku akan menyupport usaha ngko….sentiasa…\:d/

  5. wou..sounds interesting..

    hurm..pasal blog macam saya jugak ke ;p

  6. :-” . any chances jadi beta tester bro ? :-“

  7. ?? isk..ape kebenda project nie? meh2 nak jadi editor gaks..hahaha:)>-

  8. he3. well…it is just a small “project”. just wait… :d

    but currently i at home coz of mid sem break. so i have to stop the project for a moment till i back to utm this wednesday.

  9. malay..yeah…
    “i’m look stupid when i speak malay”…
    damn…what you think about that kid…?
    go..on rich our malay..
    hey visit mine and support local act..

  10. bunyi cam best je.. kalau perlukan apa2 bantuan aku sedia membantu.. :)>-

  11. cam gempak je projek tu…
    :)>- go go!

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