Google got his fever!

Google_worldcup06Today when I open up, I saw they have change their logo on the main site. It is all because of World Cup 2006 which start about 11.00 pm (Malaysia time) in Germany.

The first match between Germany and Costa Rica. And Germany has won the match with 4 – 2. But I think Costa Rica should not have the goals because it were offside. I can saw it when the television rewind the goals in slow mode. [tags]google, world cup, world cup 2006[/tags]


  1. dia tak outside ar….:((

  2. Offside… I saw it with my two eyes… :p

  3. Lucky_j says:

    :-?nope aman right…..costa rica really should have it:)>-IVORY COAST power yeah

  4. Hmm…ok…. :p

  5. Yes…i win\:d/

  6. Lol… Ok, ok… :p