ZoneAlarm warned! Clear text password send to

I was shocked today when I want to login to my site, ZoneAlarm Pro gave me warning, Firefox want to send password to Huh? When did I want to send password to I want to send password to CypherHackz.Net so I can login to my site. I talking to myself.

I denied the request and Firefox sent me back to WordPress login prompt. I type in my user and password and try to login again. ZoneAlarm warned me with the same question. Hey! Not but I want to login to CypherHackz.Net…

There is something wrong with my Firefox I thought. I close Firefox and try to login from Opera. Still get the same warning from ZoneAlarm. So the problem is not from Firefox. But my computer.

I disconnect my computer and run ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware. Nothing suspicious scripts were found. Hmmm…then I decided to restart my computer. After the computer restarted, everything is fine. I can login to my site and ZoneAlarm does not give me warning anymore.

So, the lesson that we can learn here is use ZoneAlarm or any firewalls for your computer. Because you don’t know if your password is send to other sites unless your trusted firewall give you warning like it did to me before.

But why my computer want to send password to


  1. So weird, but dangerous!

  2. yea. thats what i’m trying to say. dunno why my pc trying to send my password to bloglah.