Poll of The Week: Do you use Shoutbox on your site?

I wonder how many my site readers use shoutbox on their site.

So, this week poll is about do you use shoutbox on your site?
If you do, is your site is a personal site (daily life) or something like commercial (info news, tech news, etc)?

Feel free to take the vote… 😉


  1. no… blog… personal la kot….
    tak best la pakai shoutbox ni..

  2. aku pakai je..dah terbiasa agaknye..kurang meriah rasa kalo xde shoutbox nih..eheh

  3. Aku dah buang dah shoutbox tu. Rasa macam tak perlu jek.

  4. Thilak, we are using Malay language. :d And I also looking for plugin which can translate from Malay to English but I don’t found any.

    Actually we are talking about the Shoutbox too. I have removed the shoutbox on my site if you noticed.

  5. i prefer both…:d

  6. I haven’t tried installing a shoutbox on my blog yet. Is that necessary?… I think the comments section should be enough… 🙂

  7. Incase you guys didn’t notice, my site poll is on the sidebar. :)>-

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    It depends if you think it is necessary. :d