Site Modifications

Late at night about 1.30 am, after watching Prison Break series, I edit my site theme. I add up Site Poll on my site. So everything need to be organised back since I put the poll on the sidebar. Actually I’ve decided to put site poll about 3 or 4 months ago but couldn’t find plugin that meet my needs and considering the time since I at UTM. Untill last night when I open up Google and enter some keys, then I found wordpress poll plugin from this site. This poll plugin called Democracy. But don’t ask me why the author named it like that. Maybe he loved to. It works fine and easy to manage. Thanks to the author, Andrew Sutherland for his great plugin.

And if you noticed, I removed Countdown from the list and replace it with the Site Poll. I also replace my old shoutbox with new shoutbox from ShoutMix. Ikoko said that I need to try it first if I want to know it’s advantages. Lol… Well…I have use it couple days now and I think it is not differ from the other shoutbox out there. Currently I working on editting it’s CSS so it’ll match with my current theme.

Other changes, I put and submit link in every single posts. So if I post something that I think I can share to them, I just click on the link. Ah…not to forget that if you like to get updates each time I add up new posts, you can click on Subscribe link at the bottom of the post. When you subscribed to my site, you’ll get email saying that I have post something new on my site.

Hmm…I think thats all from now. I feel so sleepy. It’s about 2.45 am here. Time to sleep. See ya on the next post. But before I go, don’t forget to vote the poll each time you visit my site. He3. Later… 🙂


  1. You can login as admin when using Shoutmix 🙂 That is the advantage. 🙂

  2. Just only that? Hu3. Well I not use any shoutbox anymnore. Seems like it does not have any purposes. He3.