cPanel Proxy

Last night I try to figure out why I can’t use my subdomain to cpanel and webmail. After a few minutes, I surrender. Then I asked my hosting provider why I got that problem. And here what they replied:


You cannot simply create a subdomain to enter to your cpanel and webmail.

You will need to install a proxy in the subdomain in order to access to the cpanel and webmail .

We can install it for you but we need you username and password for your cpanel.

Please give us your cpanel login details and we will install it for you asap.

I asked them again, can I make it by my own and they gave me a link where you can use the script to create subdomain for your webmail and cpanel.

Here is the link:

So, if you have problem like mine, you can try this script.


  1. Of course you can’t use your subdomains to enter your cpanel. You could have been hacked. But, that script’s kinda cool.:)

  2. I never know about that. Thanks coz bagitau. He3.
    Kene r selalu buat backup camni.

  3. macam mane nak create akaun pas install menda nie….:-w

  4. You just use your own username and password. No need to create new account.

  5. ok great. bertambah lagi satu ilmu hari nie.

    thanks cypher. 🙂

  6. he3. no problemo… 🙂