E-mails Sent into Bulk Folder

Today, I tested sending my admin email account from www.cypherhackz.net to my own email at Yahoo and Gmail. But the emails that I sent to Yahoo were sent into Bulk folder and emails that I sent to Gmail were succesfully placed into my inbox. I asked my hosting provider why this things happen. They said that this happen maybe caused by my domain had been blacklisted by my old hosting. Lol. Actually I bought this domain name on the same day I bought the hosting but from another services. Not from them.

So, how come my domain can be blacklisted although I just bought the domain yesterday. I really hope that I can fix this problem. I really want to send emails to my friends and they get the emails in their inbox. Not Bulk folder.

BTW they also give me suggestion to click on “Not Spam” in the Yahoo mail. It’s work but only for me. I want emails that I send to my friends (for the first time receive) will automatically direct into their inbox. How many peoples open their Bulk folder when they read the email? Not many. So, that’s why I want the email directly send into the inbox without they need to click on “Not Spam” button.

Or maybe it happen caused by my domain name (cypherHACKz) so Yahoo sent my email into Bulk folder? I’ve sent report to Yahoo. I hope I’ll get response from them ASAP.


  1. dah fix blom masalah nie…me nyer pun masuk bulk gak…kalo ade solution,bagitau ek…