WP Plugin: Easy AdminCP v1.0

At last…

I have created my own plugin. Actually I make this plugin for myself but after awhile I think I want to share it to the public. Btw this is my first plugin that I ever created. Lol… Before this I never make any plugins for CMS. So this is my first time and I hope its useful.

Here is some details about this plugin:

Plugin Name: Easy AdminCP
Plugin URI: http://www.cypherhackz.net/?p=31
Description: This plugin add an admin menu links on your site. Easy to customize and add new menu links. Have 2 choices: List Menu or Bar Menu.
Version: 1.0
Author: Fauzi Mohd Darus
Author URI: http://www.cypherhackz.net

Download Link: cypher_easy-admincp.zip

Thank you!


  1. Thanks man, this is exactly what I needed.

  2. Thanks for the visit. He3. :d

  3. thanks dude, this plugin is great..


  4. Good to hear that. He3. :d

  5. thanks!

    This helped me understand how the plugin system in WordPress works. 🙂

    I’ve written quite a lot of stuff for WordPress since then 😀

  6. this plug in can also get off some just present admin menu voices?
    I need to get off some voices (leave only “write posts”) in the admin menu for the subscriber user on this web site: http://www.modellehostess.it

  7. Matteo Raggi wrote:
    this plug in can also get off some just present admin menu voices?
    I need to get off some voices (leave only “write posts

  8. Thanks for this great plugin, but i have one question.

    I used this plugin and put it in myne sidebar. But the button and the two fields (username + password) take the width of myne sidebar? Myne theme is based on theme Blix…

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  9. Great.great,great :d You are the best!

  10. Hello and congratulations! nokia6630

  11. Is this plugin works with wordpress 2.1 ? i’ve search it in plugin that works in wordpress 2.1 but i can’t find these plugin.

  12. the plugin is compatible with all wordpress version and i’m using it right now. see the login form at the sidebar at the homepage.

  13. too difficult to find plugin like this, increase the power of wordpress theme.

  14. i have activated it on my site. but i dont see any change, why so??

  15. After you have activated the plugin, you need to put the function in your theme file. Have you put it?