Get Hosted

Looking for free hosting without ads and banners? You have come to the right place. 🙂 I offer a free hosting for those who really want to build their own website especially for bloggers. Only 5 peoples will get hosted here but not all requests will be acceptable.

Hosting Package

    – A subdomain name (eg:
    – An email address (eg: Note: Will be forwarded to your primary email address if you want to
    – 100Mb of storage
    – An FTP account
    – 1 MySQL database
    – PHP supported
    – Bandwidth will not be allocated (I will monitor usage weekly)
    – No ads and banners

Rules & Regulations

    – You must know how to use FTP client.
    – You must know how to use HTML or other CMS/weblog engines for your site.
    – Site must be updated at least twice a month.
    – Site must not contain adult stuff like porn, hentai, etc.
    – Site must not have any *.mp3, *.wma or any other audio and video files for others to download.
    – Not necessary but it would be great if you put a link back to my site. 🙂


    * Submitting the request does not mean you will get hosting.
    * You will be contacted via your email address within 72 hours (maybe less) stating your approval or denial to obtain hosting here.
    * If you are approved, you will be sent an email giving you your info to your hosting.
    * You will be notified if your site using too much resource or bandwidth that might affect other hostees or my own site.
    * If you aggree with the rules & regulations, contact me by sending desired username and password.