All Folders Became Shortcut! How to Fix Them?

My USB thumb drive got infected by a trojan virus. All folders in the thumb drive had become shortcuts! From the properties, the shortcut folder is pointing to 0x29ACAAD1.exe file. Kaspersky detects it as Trojan.Win32.VBKrypt.cvcu, and 35 out of 42 antivirus companies confirmed that it is a trojan virus – VirusTotal result. Warning: Don’t double […]

Files Hidden by Virus. How to Unhide Them?

The Problem My girlfriend was panicked when she found out her Final Year Project files were missing from her thumb drive. She thought the files were already gone by a virus attack or were accidentally deleted by her friends. After I did some analysis, I found out the files are still there but a virus […]

Barack Obama Worm Attacks

What will do if U.S. President Barack Obama’s face, pop up on your desktop every Monday morning? That is not a joke. It is the Obama worm. The Obama worm was first spotted last Monday after it infected PCs at a preparatory school in Metairie, Luisiana and was first reported by Walling Data, a value-added […]