How to set DNS record for .my domain?

Custom Short Domain by Pro Currently I have seven .my domains that I bought from Mercumaya. All of them are not active (contain no website). But there is one .my domain that I want to use for my bitly.Pro – Custom Short Domain. To use this service, I have to set my DNS A […]

How to Remove the New Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer?

Facebook is now using lightbox photo viewer to view photos and albums. But this new feature is so annoying and useless. Luckily, there are many ways that you can use to remove the new Facebook lightbox photo viewer (or “theater”). Hit F5 – When viewing any photo in Facebook lightbox, just hit F5 to refresh […]

How to backup Mozilla Firefox bookmarks?

Whether in Windows or Ubuntu, I will use Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser. I like using Mozilla Firefox because it is fast (fyi, Google Chrome is faster than Firefox), has thousands of useful addons, properly renders websites and also easy to familiarize even you are a new user. But two days back, my […]

Files Hidden by Virus. How to Unhide Them?

The Problem My girlfriend was panicked when she found out her Final Year Project files were missing from her thumb drive. She thought the files were already gone by a virus attack or were accidentally deleted by her friends. After I did some analysis, I found out the files are still there but a virus […]