2011: Year of the iPad 2

Apple announces iPad 2 iPad 2 was launched on 2nd March 2011 at San Francisco by Steve Jobs. It is thinner, lighter and faster with two cameras for FaceTime video calls and HD video recording. Yet it still has the same 10-hour legendary battery life.

Freaking Stylish USB Flash Drives from MIMOBOT

Are you bored with the normal look of your 4GB USB flash drive? Why not replace it with a new freaking stylish USB flash drive from MIMOBOT? MIMOBOT has plenty of USB flash drive designs. They have Halo characters, Star Wars characters, Domo characters, Happy Tree characters, Community Created characters, Artist Crossover characters, Licensed Crossover […]

Check DSLR Shutter Count with Opanda IExif

The reason why you should check your DSLR shutter count. Do you know, DSLRs have their own life time? It is based on how many counts of the shutter releases. When you exceeded the shutter count limit, it is time to change your DSLR with a new one or replace with a new shutter. Almost […]

What is Solid State Disk (SSD)?

Do you know about Solid State Disk (SSD)? SSD is a technology that currently being used in data storage devices especially for server applications and system. This technology uses solid-state memory to store data and commonly composed of either DRAM volatile memory or NAND flash non-volatile memory. In SSD technology, no parts are moving like […]

Lock your USB Drive using Combination Lock

The idea is simple. Just put the combination lock to the USB connector and the data inside the USB have been protected physically. But in my opinion, it is not as secure as you might think because I was successfully cracked a combination lock by bruteforcing it. It just took about 20 minutes to turn […]

Pzizz – The modern way to fall asleep

Every people need to sleep to regain back their energy after doing so lot of works in a day. Some people can fall asleep easily but some of them can’t get into sleep and need to drink warm milk or maybe counting sheep like you saw in one of Mr Bean’s series to get into […]

Kissing Love Tester – A love kissing gadget

If you love someone, of course you will kiss him/her right? But how to know whether the kiss you made is pure love kiss? Maybe this kissing gadget can helps you to find it out.

Homemade High Powered Laser Hack

Wow! This homemade high powered laser device is really cool. Although to do it is a little bit confusing and might be difficult but I like the end result. This laser can lights a match and pops out a balloon. Watch the video and see how he built the laser using the materials that you […]

Makcik PC – The World Slimmest PC

Makcik PC, I was laughed when I heard that word came out from Malaysia Prime Minister mouth when he launched this Makcik PC at Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. I don’t know why the developer, MIMOS, named the world slimmest PC as Makcik PC. Why not name it with other coolest name […]

Watch Penang Bridge in Live Camera

If you want to go to Penang and not so sure whether the traffic flow is smooth or jam, maybe you might need to check the status at Penang Bridge Camera. The 24-hour CCTV cameras are installed at 8 different locations along the laybys and main span. All these CCTV cameras are connected to the […]