Desktop Blogging Client by Google

Just wondering, will there be any desktop blogging client by Google? Currently I am using BlogDesk as my desktop blogging client. All the article writing process, editing, are all done in BlogDesk. It is very light and can handles many domains and blog platforms. Microsoft already have their desktop blogging client called, Windows Live Writer […]

Update Your Software with Update Checker

I have many applications and software installed in my computer. But the problem is, I do not know when a new version of the software comes in and where can I get them. To check the software updates one by one, and go to their website would be very time consuming. Luckily I found a […]

Notepad++ My Favourite Text Editor

Previously I use EditPlus to code my WordPress themes. The coding process was a lot easier than using Notepad because I can do the undo process up to multiple levels, it supports syntax highlighting and also it will automatically backup the file whenever you click the Save button. However after I found out about Notepad++, […]

WinX DVD Ripper Special Edition – Free Download on 1st January 2010

As for a New Year gift to my lovely and loyal readers, I would like to share with you a great news here. On 1st January 2010, there will be a one day free download of WinX DVD Ripper Special Edition software by WinX DVD. I have put the link to the download page at […]

SQLite Manager – Firefox Extension to View SQLite Files

Firefox 3 using SQLite database to store all information of your website history, cookies and form history. Every websites you have visited, forms that you filled-in will be stored in their respective files. To view these files or any files with SQLite format, use SQLite Manager, an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The interface of the […]

Lock Folder XP – Protect Your Secrets from Others

I am sure everyone of you have their secrets stored safely in the PC, especially for the guys. Hahaha… And it is depend on how or what you want to use to protect your secret data. For me, just enough to hide the folder containing my monthly bills payment receipts by using Lock Folder XP. – My Source to Download Free Softwares

What is your favourite website when you want to download free softwares? For me, I will choose In, it has many freeware softwares that you can download directly from its server. No registration is needed. Just pick the software that you like, and click on the download link to download. The softwares categorized […]

USB WriteProtector – Protects Your USB Drives From Viruses

We always use USB thumb drives or USB external drives as our portable storages. The size is small and lightweight make it easier for us to bring it anywhere we go. But, did you know, most of computer virus infections come from USB drives? I will tell you how the infection works in a few […]

Driver Robot – Automatically Updates Your Drivers

A hardware in your computer or laptop such as video graphic card needs a special computer program to make it intractable with higher-level computer programs like Adobe Photoshop, DoTA, etc. This special computer program we called as driver. An outdated driver will make the device not working properly and need to be updated. To update […]