Happy 7th Birthday CypherHackz.Net

There is nothing that I want to say. Just want to wish a Happy Birthday to CypherHackz.Net. All the best and good luck in year 2013! ps: Actually I just want to test the WordPress plugin that will publish new status on my Facebook page. 😉

CypherHackz.Net is now on Genesis Framework

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha diucapkan kepada anda dan semua pembaca sekalian… -CypherHackz- New design – CypherFS GOhrange running on Genesis Framework On February 13th, I’ve asked you is it worth to get Genesis Framework for my blog? Many top bloggers are using Genesis Framework and I was thinking to convert my theme too. In mid […]

CypherFS Network gets a facelift

I was so bored last weekend so I decided to redesign the template of my network site, CypherFS Network. Old – CypherFS Network New – CypherFS Network The design is valid XHTML and CSS. The best part that I like is the RSS script. It will pull latest RSS feed from my blogs and display […]

Happy 4th Birthday CypherHackz.Net

I bought the domain on 19th December 2005 and it has been 4 years I have been blogging at CypherHackz.Net. As usual, the main earnings for this blog is coming from Google Adsense. Although I received many emails from those who want to advertise their links but I have to decline their request. Sorry guys… […]

Happy New Year 2009

Happy new year everyone… Hope you guys feeling well and put regularly update your blog as one of your resolutions. 😀 That’s all… (That’s all?) Yeah, that’s all…

Happy 3rd Birthday CypherHackz.Net

Happy Birthday, CypherHackz.Net! Wow! CypherHackz.Net is 3 years old already. But it is still young and I still need to do a lot of things to make it become mature and professional. Currently, I am too busy and busy and busy with my work at the office. When I back home, I am tired and […]

60GB Bandwidth Also Not Enough?

Last month, it was the first time my website reached to its bandwidth limit. Then, I quickly asked Sam from ServerFreak Hosting for help. Only he can help me because my hosting is sponsored by ServerFreak so only he can increase my bandwidth quota. Thanks to him, he had increased my hosting bandwidth to 60GB. […]

50Gb of Bandwidth is Not Enough

I thought 50Gb size of bandwidth is enough to support all my websites but I was totally wrong. Today is a history for me. This is the first time I exceeded the bandwidth limit. ServerFreak provides me 50Gb of bandwidth every month but that huge amount of bandwidth is not enough. I noticed about it […]

9rules! Congrats CypherHackz.Net!

I was in the office this evening and suddenly I got an email from LiewCF, one of the most popular technology bloggers in Malaysia. In the email, he told me that CypherHackz.Net got listed in 9rules. Wow! If he didn’t email me of course I will not know the result. I am busy lately because […]

CypherHackz.Net is PR3?

Just received good news from Menj. He said that Google is on their way in updating website PR and my website is granted with PR3. I was shocked when he told me about it. He gave me the link to check the PR. I was so excited but when I checked the result, hurm…all datacenters […]