Monthly Highlights – August 2008

August 2008 Monthly Highlights: Automatically Empty Recycle Bin Learn how to by pass the Recycle Bin when you delete files. Submit suspicious file to VirusTotal Found a suspicious file? Why not check it using VirusTotal? Solve any Rubik’s Cube combinations using Rubik’s Cube Solver Use the solver if you can’t solve Rubik’s cube. Printscreen Website […]

Monthly Highlights – July 2008

July 2008 Monthly Highlights: Encrypt your confidential file using TrueCrypt If you have a confidential file, encrypt it using TrueCrypt. Taskbar Shuffle – Reorganize your Taskbar Buttons Reshuffle your Taskbar Buttons using Taskbar Shuffle. A freeware application just for you. MozBackup – Backup Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox profiles Need to backup your Thunderbird and […]

Monthly Highlights – June 2008

June 2008 Monthly Highlights: Bored? Let’s play The Putty Puzzle game! Play online puzzle game. Very interesting… Delete or Erase files with Eraser Use Eraser if you want to wipe out your confidental data completely. StaffCop – Network, Computer and Employee Monitoring Software A very dangerous monitoring software to employees. More interesting post in my […]

Monthly Highlights – May 2008

New day, new month, new mission. Previous month was my busiest month. Lack of posts, lack of replying comments, lack of visiting members’ blog. It was so terrible. Anyway, here is the highlights for articles in May 2008. RoboForm – Remembers Passwords So You Don’t Have To A simple and portable software that you can […]

Monthly Highlights – April 2008

Today is 1st May 2008. It is Labour Day in Malaysia and so here is the highlights for articles in April 2008. How to convert images into ASCII? Those who are geeks might want to try this. They love ASCIIs. Ubuntu Theme for Windows XP Here is how to use Ubuntu Human theme in Windows […]

Monthly Highlights – March 2008

Today is 1st April 2008 so here is the highlights for articles in March 2008. Free WordPress SEO Tips – Great SEO tips for WordPress beginner and even for advanced users in SEO-ing their WordPress blog. Pzizz – The modern way to fall asleep – Stop counting the sheeps. Now you can get good quality […]

Monthly Highlights – February 2008

I was kinda busy last month and also got Celcom broadband problem. The speed was really sucks which I got below 10kbps at almost of the time. The slowness is still happening even at the time I’m writing this post. But anyway, here are the best posts in February 2008. Lack of posting will decrease […]

Monthly Highlights – January 2008

Many of you are waiting for my Monthly Highlights right? 😀 I hope this year I can write Monthly Highlights every month. Previous year I was lack of posts so there is no point to post Monthly Highlights. So lets start the Monthly Highlights series with January 2008. Video: The Dawn of the Net – […]

Monthly Highlights – June 2007

The following is the list of the best posts in June 2007 . Enjoy! 🙂 Get the old Yahoo! Messenger sounds backMiss the your old Yahoo Messenger sounds? Maybe you want to read this trick on how to get them back. How to Subscribe RSS Feed using Google Reader?Learn how you can use Google Reader […]

Monthly Highlights – May 2007

The following is the list of the best posts in May 2007 . Enjoy! 🙂 Change your XP icons to VistaDon’t want to use Vista but still want to use the icons? Maybe this is what you are looking for. No more previews in FirefoxThis tip will shows you how you can stop […]