How to install Nessus in Kali Linux?

Kali Linux (or Kali) is a penetration testing distro created by the developers of BackTrack. Although it is a pentest distro, but Kali does not include with Nessus. So to use Nessus, I have to install it manually. For more info about Kali, you can refer to their website here: 1. Download Nessus – […]

Linutop – Small Linux Desktop

Linutop is a small Linux computer that is running from a USB key. It is really small which make it silents, energy-efficient operations and with no internal hard drive. Although it is small, it also can browse websites, open pictures, and can also plays musics and videos.

Why Linux is better?

I can say that I am a Linux user although I’m dual booting my PC with Ubuntu and Windows XP. Both are important to me so I don’t want to lose each one of them. Some of you might think why some people choose Linux over Windows. What makes Linux so popular? Maybe this list […]