Hack Times Square Screens using iPhone 4 Transmitter

Awesome! This guy hacked the screens at Time Square just by using a transmitter that he put on his iPhone 4! It is totally awesome and unbelievable!

“Poking Inventor” Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure

Are you Mark Zuckerberg fan? Don’t you want to buy Mark Zuckerberg action figure and put it on your desk? “Poking Inventor” action figure was created by M.I.C Gadget that is inspired from a man who makes the world more open and connected, Mark Zuckerberg.

Charlie Bit Me

Not sure whether you guys have watched this video or not. But it is very funny and cute when see these two little boys together in front of the camera.

Sticky Note Experiment

Usually we use sticky notes to write down important things or things that we will do later. But these two guys have made a very interesting experiment with the sticky notes. Total of 280951 sticky notes have been used for this experiment. So better you watch this video and see why they use so many […]

Windows Vista Sucks!

But I have a question to ask. Between Windows Vista, Mac OSX and Ubuntu, which one is more secure? Window’s Vista Sucks [via Flickr]

Solve any Rubik’s Cube combinations using Rubik’s Cube Solver

Have you ever played Rubik’s Cube? A cube which have 9 tiles on each surface with different colours and you have to solve it by making all surfaces have same colour? I only managed to solve the first layer only. When it comes to the second layer, I can’t get it solve because I always […]

Rouder or Router?

While looking for some information about Streamyx package, I found something that is so weird. Streamyx ADSL Streamyx wireless I think it should be Router and not Rouder. I learned router configuration in my CCNA class. Duh…

Can your defragmenter handles this?

Everytime when you do a lot of write and delete files onto your hard drive, your hard drive will become defragmented. Sometimes it can become too worst even your defragmenter don’t want to defrag it. How about this hard drive? Do you think the defragmenter will be able to defrag it? In my opinion, I […]

When you are above the clouds

Found this picture from flickr. Thanks to James Yeang for Stumbleupon this. What is that actually? Is it steams that came out from factory towers? But the pic is really nice. Taken from an airplane. Wondering when will I can get into a flight. Hurm…

Video: The Dawn of the Net

Today before my CCNA lecturer end the class, he presented us with a very interesting video about how packets being delivered from your computer to the server and go back to your computer. It is very informative video and the video title is The Dawn of the Net. I found the video in Youtube divided […]