How to update Services in DirectAdmin using CustomBuild?

It is not that difficult to update your server services in DirectAdmin. By using CustomBuild that comes together with DirectAdmin, you can update the services easily and in just a few steps. Warning! Only do this after you have backup your website content and database. You’ve been warned! 1. SSH into your DirectAdmin server as […]

How to Fix Active Desktop Recovery ?

If your Windows desktop suddenly shows this Active Desktop Recovery error message, and even by clicking the “Restore my Active Desktop” does not solve the problem, or even by changing the wallpaper still showing the same error message on the next restart, then you might need to follow these steps to fix this error.

Live Security Platinum Removal

My computer was infected by a virus called, Live Security Platinum. After boot into Windows, suddenly a window that looks like an “antivirus” appeared at the center of the screen. I’m not sure how and when did this “antivirus” get into my computer, but it is clearly not an antivirus. Here is the screenshot of […]

How to Solve Computer Keeps Shutting Down Problem?

It can be really annoying if your computer keeps shutting down frequently. And it can be even more disturbing when you are working on something important. You might lose important data, you will lose your time, get agitated, and consequently all these issues are going to spoil your mood. To forestall all these things from […]

How to Delete Skype Account?

You just created a Skype account then after awhile you feel the account you’ve created is not good and you don’t want to use it anymore. You want to delete the Skype account permanently but you don’t know how. Even from the community forum itself does not help very much. Actually, the moment you create […]

How to enable Task Manager in Windows?

Last two weeks, when I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del to open up the Task Manager, suddenly this error message appeared on the screen, Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator. It was weird because I am the administrator of the computer and I didn’t disable it but how come it says the Task Manager has been […]

P1 4G Wiggy Modem Connection Failed

I was having a problem with my P1 4G Wiggy modem. It suddenly cannot connect to P1 Wimax network. It tries to connect as shown in figure below: But after a few seconds (maybe 30 seconds like that), it shows connection failed.

How to Connect iPad to P1 Wimax Modem?

A reader asked me on my Facebook fanpage on how to connect iPad to P1 Wimax modem. Basically it is not that difficult to configure your iPad to connect to P1 Wimax modem. Here’s how… Referring to my article, How to secure your P1 Wimax WiFi Modem?, under “Change WiFi WEP key” section, take note […]

All Folders Became Shortcut! How to Fix Them?

My USB thumb drive got infected by a trojan virus. All folders in the thumb drive had become shortcuts! From the properties, the shortcut folder is pointing to 0x29ACAAD1.exe file. Kaspersky detects it as Trojan.Win32.VBKrypt.cvcu, and 35 out of 42 antivirus companies confirmed that it is a trojan virus – VirusTotal result. Warning: Don’t double […]

How to Reset P1 Wimax Modem Password?

Happy new year 2012 everyone! -CypherHackz. Many people asked me how to reset P1 Wimax modem password in my article on How to Secure P1 Wimax Modem? Well it is not that difficult to reset the password actually. Here I will show you the easiest way to reset the password just by using a paper […]