Google Toolbar vs Live PageRank

Nowadays, many peoples use Google Toolbar in their Firefox browser. I don’t know what makes Google Toolbar so popular. Maybe because of the pagerank checker that enables you to check a website pagerank or other functionalities that can helps you in browsing web pages. But if the pagerank checker is the reason you install the […]

Can’t wait for Firefox 3?

Firefox 3 will be released to the public very soon. Not sure when though but is really soon. But just in case you can’t wait for the release date, you can test the beta version by downloading the installation file from the Mozilla server. The download link is included at the end of this post. […]

Stop using Firefox 1.5. Get Firefox 2.0

Why you still using Firefox 1.5 even new version Firefox (more about Firefox) is available? I agree with the step taken by Mozilla. They said that the recent update to Firefox 1.5 is the last updates. No more updates for Firefox 1.5 after this. Instead, they also include a prompt to download Firefox […]

Firefox Portable Edition

If you have upgraded your Firefox to Firefox, you maybe want to upgrade your Firefox Portable Edition to version too. With Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition, you can bring along your bookmarks, favourite extensions and also saved passwords in a USB flash drive. It is really portable and has all the functions like the […]

Firefox released

It is time to upgrade your Firefox browser (more about Firefox) because new version Firefox has been released to the public since 30th May 2007. In this latest version more security issues have been fixed. MFSA 2007-17 – XUL Popup Spoofing MFSA 2007-16 – XSS using addEventListener MFSA 2007-14 – Path Abuse in Cookies […]

Reopen last closed tab in Firefox

Sometimes we accidentally close a tab in Firefox we didn’t mean to close. Instead of looking the website we want in the History, you can do this trick to reopen the last closed tab. If you accidentally close a tab, you just need to press “Ctrl + Shift + T“. And the last closed tab […]

Congratulations to Firefox Users!

I must wish my congratulations to all Firefox users because you guys are better patchers than other internet browser users. Based on analysis by Secunia, 5.19 percent of all Firefox 2 users had missed security updates. 5.40 pecent for IE7. 9.61 percent for IE 6 users. And Opera was the most abandoned in security updates […]

No more previews in Firefox

Do you use Snap previews on your website? I hope you remove it because it is irritating me and maybe for some other peoples too. Lol… But thanks to AdBlock Plus because of it, you no need to remove your Snap from your website just because I ask you to do so (Eh?). This Firefox […]

450+ Freeware Utilities that will solve your problems

Peoples love free things. You don’t need to pay anything to get or using them because their totally free. Because of that, eConsultant had make a list of freeware utilities that you can use to solve some common problems. The list contains over 450 softwares and divided into multiple categories to make you easier to […]

Firefox extensions you should avoid

Attention to all Firefox users. There are some Firefox entensions that you should avoid. This is because the extensions will collect data and uniquely identifying users without notifying them. To be safe, you should disable and remove the extensions from your Firefox usage. List of extensions that you should avoid can be found at Mozillazine […]