The Google+ Song

Have you heard the Google+ Song video? At first, it is kinda boring but when the video shows what we can do with Google+, it is become more interesting and entertaining. Google+ is now open to the public and anyone who have Google account can create their Google+ account at Please read my article […]

Bored? Let’s play The Putty Puzzle game!

There will be a time when we feel very bored when doing the same thing everyday. Sometimes we need something new or maybe some games that we can play to overcome the boring routine works. While I was reading feeds in my Google Reader, a post written by Syahid from has caught my attention. […]

Nervous in public speaking is normal

In less than a month, I will present my final year project and do demonstration at in front of many lecturers and students. Of course I will get nervous and so freak out to do the public speaking. Especially when people asking you questions that you can’t answer. It is normal to get nervous when […]

Nuffnang & Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Today, I’m sure every persons who had attend last night Pirates of the Caribbean 3 screening will blog about it. So do I. Thanks to Nuffnang (read more about Nuffnang) for the 250 free tickets give away to Nuffnangers. Last night, Nuffnang had sponsored us to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Cineleisure, Mutiara […]

Why is the rum gone?

This post is not because I want to get the free tickets (although I already got them. he3.) for Pirate of Caribbean 3 (PoC3) screening but I make this post just to say how I appreciate and say my thankful to Nuffnang. Thanks to Samantha Wong (a Nuffnang staff) for calling me on that day […]

ZWOK – Throw the snowballs!

Hey! Do you love playing snowballs? In Malaysia, there is no winter season, so I don’t have my chance to play them. Lol…. But here comes an online game where you can play the snowballs and throw them to get points. The more you play, the more points you will get and the higher your […]

Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars Demo Screenshots

Here are some screenshots taken from the demo version as requested by Madhur Kapoor. Sorry for taking so long to update because the wireless access point that I’m always use to connect was close. And I had to connect to other access point which is much much slower. C&C3 – Main Menu In demo version, […]

Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars Demo

Have you try it yet, Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars the demo version? I did. Although it is only a demo but the graphics and gameplay are really great. I love the new design of each units and structures in this game. The landscape, dusts flying, everything are fantastic and smooth. It’s look […]

I am selling and buying drugs. Interested?

Yes. I am bored with blogging. There is no point if I continue blogging if the profit I got not much as I be a drug dealer or in a best word, Drug Lord. If you are a Drug Lord, you can earn more and more and more money than blogging. You can buy anything […]

Tools to convert FLV files

There are tricks that we can use to download videos from Google or YouTube. For an example, by using YouTubeX to download from Youtube. But the file downloaded is in FLV format which means, we need a FLV player to play it. However, we can convert the FLV files into MP3 or MPEG format. So […]