Change your XP icons to Vista

If you want to use Vista icons without installing Vista Customization Pack, maybe you want to try this method. [tags]vista, vista icons, icontweaker[/tags] Download and install IconTweaker. (Don’t worry. It is free. :d ) Then, download Vista icon pack. Extract and double click the icon theme to install it. Once installed, click on Vista icon […]

No more Windows XP on 2008

Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP to PC developers and PC sellers next year — 2008. So, if you buy new PC, you will not get Windows XP installed but instead you will get Windows Vista ready in the PC. Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP to PC makers such as Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard […]

Vista Cursors for Windows XP

If your computer cannot support Vista, how about if you have the Vista cursors package on your Windows XP? To use it, just follow this simple steps. Download the package Extract it and right-click on file install.ini and choose Install Go to Control Panel and select Mouse Click on Pointers and under scheme choose Aero […]

Get FREE Windows Vista Beta 2 CD

Want to get free Windows Vista Beta 2 CD? Just take the quiz and answer all the questions, you will get free Windows Vista Beta 2 CD ship right to your house. [tags]windows, windows vista, free[/tags] *cough*cough Here are the answers *cough*cough Vista Clarity November 2006 True Aero All the above All the above 512 […]

Get Windows Vista Beta in Bittorent

If you can’t download from Microsoft website, now you can get Windows Vista Beta copy with bittorent. Chris Pirillo and Jake Ludington have created VistaTorrent with instructions on downloading the file thorugh Bittorent. You can read and follow the instructions given to download it. [tags]windows vista, vista, windows vista beta, bittorent[/tags] More Info: VistaTorrent via […]