SUPERAntiSpyware – The best and free anti-spyware

Do you know what is anti-spyware? It is a software that can removes spywares from your PC. In simple word, it is like the anti-virus but their job is to clean your PC from unwanted applications that was installed in your PC which monitors the users’ behaviour, collect personal informations like internet browsing, etc. There […]

Ubuntu Theme for Windows XP

Ubuntu is a well known Linux operating system that everyone want to have. because of it is free but because of the stability, light, and the most important is, Ubuntu does not need any extra security software to protect you from viruses or bad hackers. The architecture of itself has made it safe from the […]

How to dual boot Ubuntu and WinXP using two hard drives?

I really want to use Ubuntu. When new version is out, I will request free CDs from Ubuntu Shipit and will receive the CDs after two weeks from the request date. But yesterday, after struggling to install new hard drive into my PC, then I was successfully install Ubuntu and make it dual boot with […]

Do not download Windows Genuine Advantage Notification update

My friend was having trouble with his PC and he had to format it. He decided to install not genuine Windows XP SP2 from the CD that he bought sometime ago. After everything has finished, he ran the security updates to patch his PC and there are various updates available. One of it is Windows […]

Vista Transformation Pack 8 released

Get the latest Vista Transformation pack now. Version 8.0 is released and ready for download. What is Vista Transformation Pack? Do you know what is Windows Vista? Yes, the operating system that released by Microsoft which has nice GUI and also needs super duper computer resources to operate. This Vista Transformation Pack will transform your […]

XPUbuntu – WindowsXP in Ubuntu Style

I really want to use Ubuntu (more about Ubuntu). Although I already have the Ubuntu installation disc which I got it for free, but I can’t install it yet because my computer does not has enough spaces and I need to repartition my hard disc. Which means, I need to format my hard disc and […]

Mystery image on Windows Vista DVD

If you bought Windows Vista Business Edition, try checking the hologram image on the face of the DVD. There is a mystery image that you must see. It was first found by a Spanish blogger who are curious with the hologram. The hidden image in the Windows Vista hologram is a pic of members who […]

Hacking Windows Vista

Don’t tell me you are interested to hacking Windows Vista just by reading the title. :p Actually what I want to share here is a book written by Steve Sinchack. Hacking Windows Vista covers everything you need to know and learn how to hack or secure your Vista. Front cover.

Install Windows Vista from USB Flash Drive

Instead from installing Windows Vista from the DVD, you also can install it from USB 2.0 flash drive. It is the easiest and the fastest way to install your Windows Vista. But the problem is, you need a 4Gb of USB flash drive because you need to copy all the content from the installation DVD […]

Windows XP in Ubuntu version

This is not really Ubuntu version for Windows XP but it is actually a visual style Ubuntu alike for Windows XP. Download the Zip file. Extract the archive file and run uxtheme patcher. After restart you PC, in VisualStyles, click on Clearlooks to change your Windows XP theme. In Icons folder, click on Super_Turbo_Tango_Patcher_August_2006 to […]