Welcome Ubuntu Hardy Heron!

Know what? Right now I am in Ubuntu 8.04. Huray! ;)) The upgrade was pretty smooth without any problems except Compiz. But the issue had been settled. The problem was occurred because, It seems AMD’s scripts to build an Ubuntu package for 7.10 include a diversion for /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager so they can add fglrx to the […]

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is out!

Hahaha. I am so excited because right now I am upgrading my Ubuntu to the latest Ubuntu version 8.04 codename Hardy Heron. If you want to upgrade your Ubuntu from 7.10 or from other earlier version to 8.04, just follow the instructions here. So far, the download process is running smooth and fast. This is […]

Are you ready for Ubuntu 8.04?

Supposedly I should write about this in my Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia blog but I think it is better to mention it here. So, did you know that new Ubuntu, version 8.04 codename Hardy Heron, will be out in less than two days from now? They said that there are many new features and softwares in […]

Ubuntu Theme for Windows XP

Ubuntu is a well known Linux operating system that everyone want to have. because of it is free but because of the stability, light, and the most important is, Ubuntu does not need any extra security software to protect you from viruses or bad hackers. The architecture of itself has made it safe from the […]

Welcome Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia!

Lets celebrate!!! 😀 I just want to announce that I have finished setup Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia yesterday. Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia is a website or I can say like a blog which focus on Ubuntu (remember, the pronunciation is ooo-boo-too). Everything is written in Malay because I target Malaysian audience. If you are new in Ubuntu, […]

How do you pronounce Ubuntu?

Another article about Ubuntu. 😀 I am planning to make another website that will discuss about Ubuntu. Currently I am running a poll at my personal blog for the language that will be used for the website. Whether to use English or Malay. Hope you can drop by to this entry and cast your vote, […]

7 reasons why you should use Ubuntu?

I have been using Ubuntu for 4 days now. It makes me addicted to it. Almost of the time I am running Ubuntu on my PC. It likes Ubuntu is my default OS now. Hahaha. But, have you ever try Ubuntu yet? Ubuntu is free though. You can download the latest version or you can […]

How to dual boot Ubuntu and WinXP using two hard drives?

I really want to use Ubuntu. When new version is out, I will request free CDs from Ubuntu Shipit and will receive the CDs after two weeks from the request date. But yesterday, after struggling to install new hard drive into my PC, then I was successfully install Ubuntu and make it dual boot with […]

Wubi – The fastest and easiest way to install Ubuntu

I really want to use Ubuntu. Even though I already got the free CDs (read this post on how you can get free Ubuntu CDs) since version 5.10 but I still not yet install Ubuntu on my computer. Psst…btw I have the latest Ubuntu version 7.10. There are 15 CDs left. Who want one? Lol… […]

Full Circle Magazine for Ubuntu Geeks

Not enough with the community forum, now you can learn more about Ubuntu from this free Full Circle Magazine, a Ubuntu magazine released by the Ubuntu community itself. The current issue is #0 and it is ready for download. It covers about Ubuntu history and new features in Ubuntu 7.04. This magazine was released in […]