How to install Nessus in Kali Linux?

Kali Linux (or Kali) is a penetration testing distro created by the developers of BackTrack. Although it is a pentest distro, but Kali does not include with Nessus. So to use Nessus, I have to install it manually. For more info about Kali, you can refer to their website here: 1. Download Nessus – […]

How to Use SSH on Mac OS X?

To use SSH on Mac OS X, you need to run it from your Terminal. 1. Go to Lunchpad > Others > Terminal 2. In the Terminal window, enter this command: ssh <username>@<hostname> -p <portnumber> <username> – the username to login. Eg: admin <hostname> – the hostname of the website/server that you want to login. […]

How to print a list of directories and files in Windows?

Today I received a request from a customer asking me to provide him a list of directories and files from his Windows laptop. It is an easy task if there is only one folder and three files but unfortunately, there are hundreds of folders and thousands of files in a Windows operating system. Luckily, I […]

Driver Robot – Automatically Updates Your Drivers

A hardware in your computer or laptop such as video graphic card needs a special computer program to make it intractable with higher-level computer programs like Adobe Photoshop, DoTA, etc. This special computer program we called as driver. An outdated driver will make the device not working properly and need to be updated. To update […]

Top 3 Free PDF Converters

While I was still studying at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, I always use PDF converter to convert my Final Year Project weekly reports to PDF. There are many free PDF converters available on the Internet. You can get either offline PDF converter or online PDF converter. My favourite free PDF converter is PrimoPDF. It is […]

Check DSLR Shutter Count with Opanda IExif

The reason why you should check your DSLR shutter count. Do you know, DSLRs have their own life time? It is based on how many counts of the shutter releases. When you exceeded the shutter count limit, it is time to change your DSLR with a new one or replace with a new shutter. Almost […]

GOM Player – My Favourite Video Player

What media player that you use to play your favourite TV series or movies? I personally choose GOM Player . Although previously I like using Media Player Classic (MPC), but MPC needs seperate codec before you can play certain video files. But not with GOM Player. GOM Player is already built in with its codec […]

Picasa – Digital Photo Organizer from Google

Many of you may already heard about Picasa, one of the Google product which is used to organize photos more easily. I just bought a digital camera, Sony DSC-H50, a few weeks ago and already took about 200 photos by using that camera. All the photos are stored in my external hard drive sorted by […]

EarthView – Have the Earth on your desktop

Our Earth is really amazing and beautiful. I really wanted to see the Earth from the above space with my naked eyes but there will have no chance that I can travel to the outer space to do that. Although I cannot see the Earth from the above side but there is a software that […]

Vista Start Menu – Experiencing the new Start Menu

I have Windows XP installed in my PC and have a chance to try Vista Start Menu with pro registration. My first impression about this software is, quite difficult at the first time but very convenient after several times usage. But Vista Start Menu is not like our normal Vista start menu. It is totally […]