Welcome P1 Wimax!

Today, I went to IT Hypermarket at Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara to register for P1 Wimax. Actually, I have been thinking to move from Celcom Broadband to P1 Wimax since two months ago. You can refer to my entry here. What you need to prepare is just bring your MyKad and also driving license for registration. […]

Packing Away from Celcom Broadband

I have been using Celcom broadband for more than one year and six months already. Although Celcom broadband sometimes give me some headache, but I still can struggle and survive until now. Since Celcom enforcing their Fair Usage Policy on Excessive Usage (page 8 of 10) a few months ago (I think early of this […]

Rouder or Router?

While looking for some information about Streamyx package, I found something that is so weird. Streamyx ADSL Streamyx wireless I think it should be Router and not Rouder. I learned router configuration in my CCNA class. Duh…

Speedtest – Test your broadband speed

Even though you subscribe the 384kbps or 3.6Mbps Celcom 3G broadband package, it does not guarantee that you will get the maximum speed. Speedtest is a website that allows you to check your broadband speed. When you visit Speedtest website, it will locate your location based on your IP address. Then it will display servers […]

Celcom Broadband for only RM68

Edit: Celcom Broadband 3.6Mbps package is now RM98 monthly. Really cheap, isn’t it? I just subscribed Celcom broadband last week and that is why you can see that my site has regain it’s health. Because my hostel does not get wireless coverage so I decided to subscribe Celcom broadband so I can get connected to […]