Weblogs Centre is Back!

At the early of my blogging journey, Weblogs Center (the domain has expired) is the one of the Malaysia bloggers forum that I always active. That forum has helped me a lot to learn about blogging and I can meet the other bloggers from Malaysia too. But after the domain has expired and the owner […]

Free WordPress SEO Tips

Informations should be free! I love freebies and I know many of you are also like something that is free. Especially girls… (Want to say something, girls?) 😀 Well today, I want to talk about free WordPress SEO tips. Every bloggers who want to get huge traffics from search engines must know how to optimize […]

iWebtool predicts PR6 for CypherHackz.Net

Have you checked your website’s PR prediction? Yesterday while I was surfing around the Internet, Google PR slipped into my mind. And quickly I went to iWebtool PageRank Prediction to find out what is my PR on the next PR update. After I entered my website URL, I click on the check button. The result […]

Lack of posting will decrease website traffics

Is it true lack of posting will decrease our website traffics? Some people say that they need to update their website everyday so the traffics will steady. Well, I can say it is 50% right and 50% it is wrong. Why? It is true that your traffics will decrease if you don’t update your website. […]

Get more traffics from Stumbleupon

I know many of you have registered with Stumbleupon. I also already have the account. You can see my Stumbleupon page at http://cypherhackz.stumbleupon.com. I am not a good stumbler but I use Stumbleupon just to find interesting websites which have been stumbled by other Stumbleupon members. But do you know how many traffic you will […]

How to manage many blogs?

One of my friend asked me how do I manage all blogs I have. The answer is simple. Just update when you have time. Lol… Right now I have 6 blogs and 1 directory. Sometimes I update all the blogs in a day but sometimes I only update the blog when I have ideas on […]

.com or .net?

Ok, here is the deal. Which one you will choose for your domain name if you want to buy one? .com or .net? Personally, I will choose .com if the domain will be used for a commercial or official-like website. For an example, like my Tentang Cinta (or About Love in English translation) website. This […]

Redirect domain to www prefix and vice versa

When building a website or blog, you need to decide how people will link to you. Either with www prefix or without www. Some peoples love to have www in front of their domain name but some are don’t. Both of the them does not have pro or con. But it is better for you […]

Don’t forget to renew your domain name

This domain will expire on 19th December 2007. So I decided to renew this domain for longer periods. Instead of renewing it to one year, I have extended it to 2 years (want to extend it to 5 years but don’t have enough money :p ). Why you should renew your domain? Of course the […]

How to rotate ads or affiliate banners?

If you have many ads or affiliate banners and you want to rotate them on your website, here is the way on how to do it. But make sure your server supports PHP because we are using PHP script here. First, you need to create a blank PHP file and name it as rotateads.php. Then […]