Malware Calendar Wallpaper by Kaspersky Lab

Malware Calendar Wallpaper for August 2012 Sometimes I love to change my desktop wallpaper with something that is more refreshing and interesting. While looking for a wallpaper in Google, I found a malware calendar wallpaper which I can put as background on my desktop. This malware calendar wallpaper is consisting of 12 wallpapers that were […]

Google Chrome logo is made from…

Every logo should be unique. But sometimes, we need to combine many ideas to come out with a new brilliant and impressive idea. So, would you like to know how Google Chrome got its logo? Maybe the picture shown below is the answer. What do you think? Google Chrome Tips and Pointers [via Blogoscoped]

How to convert images into ASCII?

If you are looking on how to convert images into ASCII characters, you have came to the right place. I will show you where you can convert any image like this, to become like this, Cool isn’t it? What I know is, the script will first scan the image and then it replaces the pixels […]

Get your Free Software Sticker Book

Although I am new in using open source sofwares especially Ubuntu, but I am proud to be a Ubuntu user and be one of the open source fan. Although you will get Ubuntu stickers that comes with the free Ubuntu CD you’ve requested, but the stickers aren’t enough. We want more stickers. Not only just […]

Win $1000 cash with 5 years free hosting

Yes, if you are looking to get free $1000 (around RM3400), this is the only chance you are waiting for. But first, you must be an expert (not really) in designing and coding WordPress themes because to get the $1000 cash you must design your own coolest, prettiest WordPress theme ever. This contest is hold […]

Need Web 2.0 Logo fonts?

So you want to create your own Web 2.0 logo but don’t have the fonts? Worry no more. You can download the fonts from here but not all fonts are included. But atleast you have something to start with. Web 2.0 Logo Fonts [via BlogIsEverything]

Top 5 Windows Vista Wallpapers

Before you proceed to view the top 5 Windows Vista wallpapers, I must say this first. All the wallpapers were selected by me and from my point of view. Maybe you will disagree with me but for me, these wallpapers are the top 5 most beautiful Windows Vista wallpapers. Enjoy! 🙂 1. 2. 3. 4. […]

300 Crystal Clear icons just for you

Looking for free crystal icons? Wikimedia Commons is giving you 300 Crystal Clear icons for you to use them anywhere you want. You can use these icons on your website, as icons in your computer, or just to keep them as a personal collection. But these icons are not come in one package or in […]

Customize your FeedBurner Headline Animator

Do you want to change your FeedBurner Headline Animator from the old-school style to like this Some of you may already knew about it. Now we can use our own custom image for our headline animator. Just create your own design, then go to FeedBurner account. Under Publicize, go to Headline Animator and in Customize […]

Cute Tiny Web 2.0 Icons

Web 2.0 icons from Utom. I must say that these icons are really cute. What do you think? You can download this icon pack HERE. [tags]web 2.0, icons, web icons, icon pack[/tags]