5 Tips for Directory Submission

There are many web directories out there. Some of them are paid directories and some are free directories. Both will give you the backlinks you want. To submit your website to directories is not easy like you think. You need an effort, time, money (if you choose to submit to paid directories), and ready to […]

Are You a Hacker?

I do not know what makes me to search for “Are you a hacker?” on Google and found this website which give good quote or poem or text about Are You a Hacker? Read it and you will know how deep does it mean. Are You a Hacker? by ReDragon Take a little quiz for […]

Is PR and Alexa rank important?

After my site was removed from Google SERP (only index page effected), everything has changed. The recent Google PR update gives me PR0. I heard that many of other bloggers facing the same problem because they sell link ads on their website. Google has changed their PR algorithm and the changes have effect many blog […]

Free White Papers from Microsoft Corporation

If you like to read white papers, I think you also interested to get these free white papers published by Microsoft Corporation. SAS, a global technology leader, wanted to extend its internal collaboration environment, based on Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies, to include an extranet. It also wanted to minimize the potential of a virus […]

Abang? Sayang? Kereta?

Taken from http://odin.blogdrive.com. Dear abang, ayang nak mintak kebenaran abang untuk bawa anak-anak balik ke kampung. abang tak perlu hantar ayang sebab ayang mampu untuk bawa anak-anak ke kampung musim cuti sekolah ni dengan bas.. abang jagalah diri abang dan kereta abang baik-baik… cuma ada perkara yang ingin ayang luahkan disini… kereta baru abang tu […]

Cerpen: kAu_tAk_pErNAh_jAuH

kAu_tAk_pErNAh_jAuH Next cerpen dari author yang sama. So, kepada peminat2 cerpen. Baca la cerpen ni. Thanks to the author cause sudi untuk berkongsi cerpen die ngan kite semua… Donwload: kAu_tAk_pErNAh_jAuH Kalau nak baca cerpen beliau yang dulu, leh la gi kat link ni: Invisible Love

Cerpen: Invisible Love

Best! Tu la ungkapan yang dapat aku luahkan. Tapi aku rase best tu, lum cukup lagi coz best sangat2. Sebabnye… He3. Cerpen ni dikarang oleh seseorang yang aku kenali. Sapa die? Tak leh la bagitau coz atas kehendak penulis, die minta nama die dirahsiakan. :-$ Cite die berkisahkan pasal… Erm…korang kene r baca dulu. Baru […]

Meaningful Testimonial

Takde pe2 nak tulis. Saje je posting bende nih. Aku dapat testimonial ni dari sorang kawan baik aku. He3. Thanks Waneey! Meaningful le sangat… :p Here is a meaningful testimonial..dis is a meaningful testimonial as da testimonial is meaningful..not like those meaningless testimonials such as those wif spaces n blanks n nothing of it makes […]

In the beginning there was the computer

In the beginning there was the computer. And God said %Let there be light! #Enter user id. %God #Enter password. %Omniscient #Password incorrect. Try again.

Who Were You In High School?

This is what I got after taking the quiz. Heh! :d Brainy Kid In high school, you were acing AP classes or hanging out in the computer lab. You may have been a bit of a geek back then, but now you’re a total success! Who Were You In High School?