P1 4G Wiggy Modem Connection Failed

I was having a problem with my P1 4G Wiggy modem. It suddenly cannot connect to P1 Wimax network.

It tries to connect as shown in figure below:


But after a few seconds (maybe 30 seconds like that), it shows connection failed.


I contacted P1Cares via Twitter. They advised me to reinstall P1 4G Wiggy application manager. I did, but still no luck.

They also told me to disable my antivirus (which I don’t know why), but still nothing good happen.

Lastly, P1Cares advised me to send the Wiggy modem to P1 centre for checking. But I refused.

After being frustrated, I shut down my laptop. After a few minutes, I boot it up again.


Tada! It is now connected to P1 network like normal. No need to send the modem to P1 centre.

If you are having same problem like mine, try what P1Cares told me first. If it still doesn’t work, try shut down your computer for awhile and boot it up after that.

It works for me and hope it will work for you too…


  1. DON SUAREZ says:

    you even can try changing your date becoz i did it for mine and it worked!