MyEja – A Mozilla Firefox Addon to Spell Check Malay Words

MyEja addon in actions.

I am proud to announce that Adnan Mohd Shukor (ehem! he is my friend) has released his second third Mozilla Firefox addon called, MyEja.

MyEja is a Malay spell-checking addon that will check your spelling and will suggest the correct word if you misspell the typing. Its dictionary is based on the original OpenOffice Extension “Kamus Bahasa Malaysia” (Malay Dictionary).

How to use?

To use it is really simple. First you need to download and install MyEja addon here. Then in the form field or textarea, right click and make sure that “Spell Checking” is checked. Under Language settings, choose Malay/Bahasa Malaysia as your preferred language.

I would like to wish congratulations to Adnan Mohd Shukor and the Mozilla Malaysia Community for their achievements in developing the addon. I am sure MyEja will become useful especially for Malaysian people who are using Mozilla Firefox.

MyEja also works in Mozilla Thunderbird. Addon page can be found, here.


  1. thanks for the review.. actually its my 3rd public released add-on 😀

  2. This is a useful add-on. My Bahasa is really bad and I hope this would be very useful so that I won’t embarrassed myself… 😀
    Thanks for the tips.