Sorry… I’m not P1 Wimax staff…

Since I posted several articles on P1 Wimax problems and how to solve them, many readers thought that I am one of their P1 Wimax staff.

It’s kinda funny though because I got many complaints and questions asking about P1 Wimax. Even some of them were angry with me and asked with rude words! LOL~!

Well my dear readers and friends… I would like to announce that I am not P1 Wimax staff! I repeat. I am not P1 Wimax staff, agent, or their affiliate.

I’m just their customer (just like you), who pays RM129 monthly, subscribe P1 Wimax services, and became their customer since 2008.

If you asked me about technical questions that I can answer, then I will try and help you. But if you asked me about administration questions such as your P1 Wimax login details, change your service package, etc, etc, I will pass you to their customer support at, @p1cares.

Okey guys? 😉


  1. Ok boss!

  2. this is too bad. when blogger try to help, people would not only appreciate that, also mocking blogger.

  3. Hi admin, nak tanya camana buat “Related posts” dalam email subscription anda? TQ…

  4. Hi! We are from the P1 online media team! We do understand your frustration and we are here to listen and help. Kindly do forward your issues or inquiries to Or alternatively you could find us in Facebook or at Twitter @P1Care!/P1Cares.

    Thank you and have a nice day. 🙂

  5. ok, noted :p

  6. user can visit to learn, how to terminate p1wimax without being charge any fees, we try to keep the blog up to date, please tweet us at @p1suck for any enquiry