Archives for February 2012

Convert to Icon with ConvertICO

If you have a graphic, or photo, that you want to convert to icon like Windows 7 or Vista style, you can use ConvertICO. ConvertICO is an online ico converter that can convert your image to .ico or .png format. It supports multiple image formats, sizes, color depths and profiles too. The beauty of ConvertICO […]

Let’s Join “Saya Nak Hosting Percuma Pengendali Blog” Contest

Psst…do you know that I have other blogs than CypherHackz.Net? One of them is, Pengendali Blog. Yes, I would like to invite you especially Malaysia bloggers to join my blog contest, “Saya Nak Hosting Percuma Pengendali Blog”. You could win a 2 years FREE web hosting package fully sponsored by Elfbytes Web Hosting (Ehem! And…do […]

Sorry… I’m not P1 Wimax staff…

Since I posted several articles on P1 Wimax problems and how to solve them, many readers thought that I am one of their P1 Wimax staff. It’s kinda funny though because I got many complaints and questions asking about P1 Wimax. Even some of them were angry with me and asked with rude words! LOL~! […]